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You are about to learn what most driving schools do not want you to know. The fact that if you take your driving test in the Barnet area then your chances of passing your driving test are around only 30%

There are lots of driving schools in Barnet but the sad truth is many are failing you. A learner driver can easily pay £1000 for driving lessons, so you would expect a much better service than getting a one in three chance of passing your driving test.

Here at QVG Driving School we have a totally different strategy to passing the driving test, and to back up our claims that we offer top driving lessons in Barnet then check out our Triple Guarantee.

We offer you both manual and automatic driving lessons in Barnet , and with your money back guarantee as a part of our Triple Guarantee we can give you a 100% cast iron promise you will love our lessons.

Soon you will be on the road, holding a full driving licence, with your own set of wheels. To get started just give our friendly team a call.
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REVEALED: The Shocking Truth About Driving Test Pass Rates And What Most Driving Schools Don't Want You To See

You are about to start an amazing journey of passing your driving test and the sensible thing seems to be to take a course of driving lessons with a local driving instructor - right? 

Maybe that idea is not as good as you would hope.
QVG can reveal to you the hard hitting truth most driving schools are just not up to scratch and we have the evidence to show you right now.

You are likely to have in the region of 40 to 50 hours of professional driving tuition, the average is said to be around 47 hours, and that's not going to come cheap is it, so why is it learner drivers in London have such a bad time when it comes to passing the driving test? You would have thought your chances are going to be fairly good...but no!

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The image above was taken from Driving Test Success a leading independent driver training related company. The statistic is absolutely appalling. You can expect to pay over £1000 in driving lessons on your way to passing your driving test, and in parts of the country you just have a one in three chance of passing the driving test. What's that all about?

It Get's Worse: Many Driving Instructors Do Not Know Why You Are Failing The Driving Test!!!

In a survey of driving instructors conducted on Facebook, a question was asked "What are the biggest driving test fails?" Only 12% got the answer right and a handful of driving instructors thought it was funny to add in a spoof answer.

Imagine that only 12% of driving instructors were able to give the correct answer. And remember you are paying a lot of money for driving lessons. Imagine going to a restaurant and the chef not knowing how to cook, it's just the same  exactly the same! 

The DVSA published a document (click here to view it) about the top ten reasons for failing the driving test. For 10 consecutive years the #1 reason for failing the driving test is observation at junctions. It's not as if this was a trick question or recently published information driving instructors didn't have the opportunity of seeing.
driving lessons in London

Driving Instructors Are Blaming You For Failing

Hold on one second.
Something is not right here.
Driving instructors are actively laying the blame of failure at the feet of the learner driver. They are blaming your nerves - that can't be right!

For sure learning any subject is a 2 way street, both the teacher and the learner are responsible and you are responsible for your actions, but to say its nerves is just blaming you.

There is no way you should be nervous.
You have spent hours in practicing your driving, if you are nervous on a driving test in a safe controlled environment then how are you going to be when you are squeezed between 2 giant HGV lorries, or when a sudden hazard occurs and you need to perform an emergency stop. Are you going to be nervous then, mess up and cause an accident?

Nerves are caused by a lack of confidence due to a lack or preparation. Nothing else.
Your GCSEs and A-levels are a bit different, because if you fail they it can effect your education and career opportunities, but with a driving test you could re take it in a few weeks, and besides that - driving is fun.

Driving really is a pleasure and at QVG Driving School you will enjoy your driving lessons because you will be in control and knowing what you are doing.

Learn How To Pass Your Driving Test Hassle and Stress FREE - Like Being On Autopilot

With over 30 years of experience QVG Driving School can show you how to pass your driving test and it all starts by taking a look at the driving examiner - this is why we have high pass rates.

The examiner is not just looking at your technical ability but they also want to see you are following the Highway Code, have a safe attitude to driving, in control of the car at all times and your hazard perceptions skills are spot on.
Passing the driving test is nothing more than that.

The reason why so many driving schools have poor pass rates is because they only concentrate on the technical side of driving, leaving a gaping hole in your education. However at QVG, right from your very first lesson we program you to drive like a natural, almost like being on autopilot. 

Imagine being able to jump in the car and drive off without any worries about being safe because you have been coded to be naturally safe.

The right thing to do is phone us now, we have the real skills to help you get your driving licence.

My Promise

Im Maria Leather co-owner of QVG Driving School, and I have a personal promise to you. If you do not like your first lesson with any of our instructors I will refund you myself. I know you will have a great experience and look forward to you passing your test.

Our Terms

Im Martin Leather co-owner of QVG Driving School. Read our excellent terms and conditions, they are designed to give you the best driving experience.