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Hello! And thank you for dropping by at QVG Driving School. We know you are looking for driving lessons in Barnet so we'll start showing you how you can pass your driving test with our driving school.
IMPORTANT: You will want to read our exclusive report on how driving schools in Barnet have a very low pass rate and crucially how to avoid those schools. Only around 30% of people pass their driving test in Barnet so click here to read more.

So what makes QVG so different, why should you choose our driving school? It is a question we have asked ourselves, what can we do to prove to you we have top driving instructors in Barnet capable of helping you pass your test. So we came up with a really special TRIPLE GUARANTEE. It makes sure we have everything you need such as a money back guarantee, a pass promise and a 2 year driving licence warranty.

It is hard to find the right school, but we make your choice easy. Furthermore we have different types of driving lessons to suit your needs: Beginners, Part Trained, Confidence Building and Driving Test Rescue. And once you have passed your test and on the road we have advanced driving lessons for learning how to drive on motorways, in bad weather, at night and on those small windy country roads.

While many driving schools concentrate on the test itself, we take a different route. We take the point of the view from the examiner, what do they want to see? What is the examiner looking for? The answer is for you to be a safe driver, so the skills you learn enable you to be safe in any driving situation, and that's while you will pass your driving test.

Learning to drive is a lot more than the technical abilities of driving a car, its more about how to anticipate what is happening. While we can't get you a crystal ball we can show and help you to become a safe driver capable of passing the driving test without any hassles or stresses.